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Trust and its Aim

Diviniti is a name under Mahakaal Maharaj Bikaner Seva Mandir Trust which is a registered NGO with 80G, 12 AA and Certification of Niti Aayog too. The trust is run by passionate team working towards Indian values of education as well as bringing a change in the society. Diviniti is running a best of class Preschool to make the Diviniti Old Age home and Diviniti orphanage run on a self sufficient model. The trust is working with individuals and communities for empowering needy to attain a better quality of life and sustained development. Diviniti believes that a social change starts with individual and people join in into the process. The trust is a thought process of an individual Gaurav Mittal Trustee of the trust. Slowly people joined in supported his vision. The trust aims a broader change with the next few years by focussing on following

  The first and foremost aim is to open pre-primary schools focusing on education based on Vedic sciences as the education system has to be balanced in terms of technology as well as indian value system.

  The society is witnessing a depletion in social fabric of relations and thus there is an unfortunate need of care centre for those less fortunate old people who have given their youth towards society. Similarly due to many reasons the girl child has always seen a disparity from the society.The feeling of being unwanted and not loved is something which is difficult to wipe our but we can give them a better life. Establishing Old age Home and Orphanage across India is aimed for this cause....

  Though trust believe in making needy self sustainable and independent we do aim to provide free clean water and food items to needy in various parts in India.

  The world is does not belong to us only but to many future generations who have all the right to get the earth the way we got. Clean and green earth should be an aim of every human for the sake of future life. Diviniti Trust aspires to conduct a Plantathon – A tree plantation marathon towards a Green and clean Environment.

  Any change when bought together bore results sooner. With this thought Diviniti aims to help a few schools run by Government or individuals for under privileged children as well as NGOs which require essentials.

  Many poor families face problem of getting their daughters married. We at Diviniti believe in solution rather than focussing on problems. We plan to help unmarried poor females in their marriage.

  Swatch Bharat mission is the mega project to achieve the unthinkable. The filthy unhygienic picture India was a pass as we are making– Making of Public toilets/ dustbins distribution or related material distribution etc.

  Skill India and Made in India are the two dreams of our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi which has been appreciated by leaders across world. We intend to give our contribution towards the making of New India by skilling and upskilling Indian youth.

  Establishing Mandir at various parts of India is another close to heart aim of the trust.

Diviniti Green Program

We truly believe in Aa Twamat Manyet jagat meaning Consider the world like your own self. The way we take care of our own needs similarly the world is to be taken care off. The world is does not belong to us only but to many future generations who have all the right to get the earth the way we got. Clean and green earth should be an aim of every human for the sake of future life. Diviniti Trust aspires to conduct a Plantathon – A tree plantation marathon towards a Green and clean Environment.

India targets bringing 33 percent of its geographical area under forest cover. As many as 15 states and union territories (UTs) have forest cover exceeding 33 percent of their geographical area. Out of these, seven states have more than 75 percent forest cover while eight states have forest cover between 33 percent and 75 percent.

Very dense forest (VDF) has shot up by 1.36 percent as compared to the last assessment. Since VDF absorb maximum carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, the ministry sees the spike as an “encouraging” sign. Open forest (OF) has also seen a rise. On the flip side, the moderately dense forest (MDF) component has shown a downward trend.

The decrease in temperature also leads to rising temperature and immense environmental dis-balance. Ever increasing temperature is creating havoc on human life as well as fauna and flora.

We intend to leave a mark on the earth with a green patch! Yes, Diviniti is dedicated to bring back the greenery of the earth back to its sheen by Planta-thon! A unique marathon in association with Diviniti Social and taking Swatch Bharat Mission as inspiration and aim.

The NASA satellites have shown immense growth lead by China and India towards the green foliage of the world. We wish to bring India on number 1 position as trees and jungle have been an integral part of our lives as well as the culture.

The importance of green earth is now nothing to be told of, it only needs to be increased by joint efforts of all of us.

 Corporate Efforts(to be discussed)
In this program we would like to invite the cororates to be our partner and take up a space or route and pledge to make it green and maintain it too. The government helps in such projects and we intend to become the partner of such initiatives.

 Diviniti green Marathon(to be discussed)
The young generation is the key to bring change. We collaborate with school and colleges as well as RWAs of various societies to work together and make the city green and clean.

Partner With Us

The cause which we have taken as an initiative can not be done alone. At Diviniti we feel blessed as we are getting an opportunity to make a difference in the world and help needy with all our efforts. The need is huge and it will take efforts from every one of us to bring the change.

The Green drive is an initiative which is not for our generation but it will bring a change in lives of coming generations. We call upon RWAs , corporates, colleges, schools and other NGOs to come forward and partner in this cause.

This payment gateway is just one way to help you to help us.
You can connect with us if you want to partner in any manner.
Help us to recognize the areas which needs green presence. We would be glad to partner with you and do our bit.
Help us to generate funds as well as means and resources to bring a change in the environment.
Lets together make a difference.



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