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Trust and its Aim

Diviniti is a name under Mahakaal Maharaj Bikaner Seva Mandir Trust which is a registered NGO with 80G, 12 AA and Certification of Niti Aayog too. The trust is run by passionate team working towards Indian values of education as well as bringing a change in the society. Diviniti is running a best of class Preschool to make the Diviniti Old Age home and Diviniti orphanage run on a self sufficient model. The trust is working with individuals and communities for empowering needy to attain a better quality of life and sustained development. Diviniti believes that a social change starts with individual and people join in into the process. The trust is a thought process of an individual Gaurav Mittal Trustee of the trust. Slowly people joined in supported his vision. The trust aims a broader change with the next few years by focussing on following

  The first and foremost aim is to open pre-primary schools focusing on education based on Vedic sciences as the education system has to be balanced in terms of technology as well as indian value system.

  The society is witnessing a depletion in social fabric of relations and thus there is an unfortunate need of care centre for those less fortunate old people who have given their youth towards society. Similarly due to many reasons the girl child has always seen a disparity from the society.The feeling of being unwanted and not loved is something which is difficult to wipe our but we can give them a better life. Establishing Old age Home and Orphanage across India is aimed for this cause....

  Though trust believe in making needy self sustainable and independent we do aim to provide free clean water and food items to needy in various parts in India.

  The world is does not belong to us only but to many future generations who have all the right to get the earth the way we got. Clean and green earth should be an aim of every human for the sake of future life. Diviniti Trust aspires to conduct a Plantathon – A tree plantation marathon towards a Green and clean Environment.

  Any change when bought together bore results sooner. With this thought Diviniti aims to help a few schools run by Government or individuals for under privileged children as well as NGOs which require essentials.

  Many poor families face problem of getting their daughters married. We at Diviniti believe in solution rather than focussing on problems. We plan to help unmarried poor females in their marriage.

  Swatch Bharat mission is the mega project to achieve the unthinkable. The filthy unhygienic picture India was a pass as we are making– Making of Public toilets/ dustbins distribution or related material distribution etc.

  Skill India and Made in India are the two dreams of our Prime Minister Mr Narendra Modi which has been appreciated by leaders across world. We intend to give our contribution towards the making of New India by skilling and upskilling Indian youth.

  Establishing Mandir at various parts of India is another close to heart aim of the trust.

Diviniti Preschool

Word from Trustee

Diviniti - A Name, I have kept for my Vision; To open Old Age homes, Orphanages along with Play School in every city of India; A way to Moksha for me and others who help building this in this ERA; A completely non- profitable rather charitable trust.

I am raising funds from Corporate CSR funds along with my own funds for initial setup and and then Play school for enabling them in self sustainable mode with no charges from occupants either in Old Age Home and Orphanage.

We are looking for volunteer to help raising funds from corporate/ managing the operations in your respective cities etc.

D  is for desire; your thoughts do aspire.
 I   is for inclusive, never leaving others out.
V   is for vision, few can share.
 I   is for intellect, your high capacity for knowledge
N   is for name, a pleasant one indeed.
 I   is for impartial, a great arbiter
T   is for tender, loving nature.
 I   is for innovator, always improving.

Our first Old Age Home, Orphanage, Play school is starting in Indirapuram, Ghaziabad from 15TH April 2019 which shall enable the occupancy for 40+ old aged females and 40+ Orphan female kids and 200+ kids in Play School. The preschool thrives to be a parenting partner. We hope to create a better world for the future generation as well as for us by raising responsible compassionate future citizens.

Our Story

DIVINITI is a thought process of a man behind multi crore business. Coming from an IT background and gradually foraying into the business of food and beverages, Mr Gaurav Mittal nurtured a thought of giving back to society. The education can make or break a society was his belief, and lack of compassion and depleting core Indian values amongst the new generation was his concern. He came up with a novel idea of having a Pre-school which is based on Indian Vedic values and various healthy educational methodologies to run and support an old age home as well as an orphanage.

Taking onto account that woman across nation need support from every one with in their means, triggered the idea of having only women and girls in the old age home and orphanage.

DIVINITI Indirapuram is the first one of a kind of a Preschool where you do not give fees rather donate the amount to the trust, MAHAKAL MAHARAJ BIKANER SEWA MANDIR taking care of this vision.

Management Team

Sarita Nirjhra

A mother of two who believes that talking about your failures with children is as important as inspiring them to achieve for the stars. A parenting blogger, writer, poet and preschool expert she is a creative heart behind The Diviniti. She strongly beliefs that core human values are equally needed to be taught and developed just like the subjects as a human can survive without knowledge of maths and science but the de gradation od moral value degrades whole society. Performing art, role play and interpersonal discussion are way to develop a holistic approach of education.

Gaurav Mittal

An IT expert, Entrepreneur, Astrologer, Gemmologist, Numerologist Motivational speaker and a passionate Philanthropist who believes in giving back as the perfect way to get in abundance. Education is the key to eradicate every problem of society is his belief and to create better society we need to develop better morals right from the beginning. Thus came the idea of Diviniti which has now created a space for every one to give back to receive more. He is the energy behind The Diviniti with years of experience and endless quest for knowledge.

Monika Sharma

A teacher by profession Monica believes in giving freedom of choice to children and allowing play as a method to explore learning. A proud mother of two kids loves to be connected with the innocence of every child. She believes that the impact of early years of factual schooling brings in an encouraging and positive stance in children and their families and create a enthusiasm of learning in children. Her vision to bring up a school where children are eager to come made her foray into The Diviniti.

Advisory Team

Diviniti Preschool Programs


The 4 WEEK programme where mothers indulge with little ones. They are also given workshops by Paediatrician and parenting experts. The program is designed where mothers enjoy with little ones and prepare them for smooth transition of the preschool. It involves rhyme session, hands on painting, puzzle and much more. It is one of kind program in the vicinity.


The little ones spend time and learn what make the root of any personality.ROOTS is specially designed to develop the social skills of the tiny tots. The bonding between the mom and the child is further enhanced through meaningful fun activities happening within timely intervals. The social traits and belongingness towards society and nature is nurtured here.


The most joyful years of childhood where child enjoys without any care od the surrounding. Our STEM is designed to provide unstructured play time along with age-appropriate learning aids which makes them aware of the surrounding and relate topics learned in books to the practical world. Our goal is to make the chid fall in love with leaning and create inquisitiveness for world around.


The child inquisitive mind gets its food in the years spent in our DIVINITI BUDS. Language, numbers environment all are part of daily activities which trigger the learning quotient of the child. We introduce structure learning into curriculum with balance of co curricular activities hence providing overall growth stimulation.

Curriculum - Diviniti Preschool

The teaching methodologies of DIVINITI school has been deeply inspired by Vedic humans and their importance of a broad, balanced training of the hand. The world today needs more compassion towards self, other fellow being and the world in general too. Indian Vedic teachings have always put emphasis on“Sarve Sukhinah Bhavantu”and “Vasudhev Kutumbkam”. The Diviniti sows the seed of compassion in the tiny tots and help them grow into better human being.

Research shows how the human hand has played a crucial role in the evolution of the human species. Till today kids learn a lot by hands on activity rather than classroom learning. We at DIVINITI work towards creating an environment where child gets an holistic development. We have a balance curriculum which imbibes best from the various methodologies taken up by world across taking

The children will learn by imitation. They reflect what they see around. Teacher and Parent form their world hence its important for both to get in sync with the methodology of parenting.

Taking in account the latest researches which prove that every child has a different kind of intelligence which if polished and refined and unleash a scientist, actor, artist, bureaucrat and so on with the tiny tots. Taking in account of these we concluded to have an educational approach which is a beautiful amalgamation of

  Indian Vedic education.
  Multiple Intelligence by Dr Howard gardener
  Montessori method by Maria Montessori
  Waldorf education by Rudolf Steiner


We not only say – We Are DIFFERENT. The general tendency is to keep preschool activities restricted to numbers and alphabets with dash of activity which are not helpful as they do not teach all the finesse of an art. WE at DIVINITI provide Co-Curricular Activity on daily basis.

Subject experts are hired for all the mentioned activities. The DIVINITI Child DOES NOT need any extra hobby classes. We thrive to make them stage confident.

Dance classes (dance is beautiful way to get the child physically active. An activity which is enjoyed by every age group. Music and dance break the monotony of the life and increase the Happiness quotient of the child.

Personality Development classes are aimed at making child stage confident and people friendly. It is seen that children are often shy in striking a conversation. We at DIVINITI try to give an environment to children where they raise to stage on daily basis hence Stage is NO MORE FEAR.

Moral classes pertaining to our VEDIC culture is something which makes us Different! In todays nuclear family structure of society, the new generation is lacking the loving bed time stories which used to teach us all the life’s integrities. We at DIVINITI aspire to fulfil that gap and bought the Vedic teachings into our curriculum hence making kids rooted to our rich heritage.


Choosing the right school is every parents dilemma. We at DIVINITI represent an environment which is serving to every parent’s parameter while selecting a Pre-School. DIVINITI abides by its philosophy and beliefs, and impart a curriculum that sets us apart from other institutions. The acceptance of uniqueness of every child is important for allowing the learning on his/her own pace, hence giving opportunity for his/her unique personality to develop. We believe in being parenting partner rather than academic supervisors.

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